4th Tap Brewing Cooperative


Taproom Hours
Mon – Thurs, 4pm to 10pm
Fri – Sat, Noon to Midnight
Sunday, Noon to 10pm



If the lights are on, the doors are open. Usually. We have 10 taps featuring the freshest versions of our beer around. Our experimental beers are constantly rotating on tap and we need your taste buds to see if they pass the test.

4th Tap employs ZERO bartenders. Everyone at our brewery shares in slinging beers, from the founders to the most recent additions to our team. With all of the energy we invest in creating our beer, the best ending is sharing that beer with our guests. Everyone at 4th Tap is chasing the moment when we see our guests enjoy a new beer, or return to what has become one of their favorites. Why else open a brewery?

We also offer free Wi-Fi in our fully air-conditioned space. Bring your own food, or take advantage of an on-site food truck. Check out below to see who's parked outside.


1. How does buying beer in the tap room work?

You have 3 options -

1) BUY A BEER - Enjoy, return the glass. Just like any bar.

2) BUY A GLASS - Enjoy a FREE pour, keep the glass.

3) BUY A FLIGHT - Enjoy tasty samples of our core three beers plus your choice of two orbitals.

2.  Do you fill growlers? Do you sell beer to-go?

No, we are unfortunately not allowed to sell you any beer to take off the premise. Our license allows us to only distribute beer or sell for on-site consumption. With that said, there is a bill hiding somewhere in the halls of the Texas capitol that would allow us to sell you beer to-go. If you have any friends or family in the government, lean on 'em a bit at your next family or social gathering.




Style: IPA
ABV: 6.8%
IBU: 57
SRM: 10

Our grapefruit infused IPA packing one hell of a citrus punch. A classic Columbus/Cascade hop profile balanced with Munich and Crystal malts provides the base for an infusion of grapefruit. This IPA is available in cans to accompany you on long walks through parks, forests, and lawless deserts. Come by the brewery to get your lips on the freshest version available. 


Style: Rosemary Gruit
ABV: 5.2%

A true son of Texas, this gruit is made with all native-Texas ingredients. Sitting on a base of Sorghum and dark brown sugar, Sun Eater is bittered with Rosemary and infused with dried Lemon Peel. It is highly-attenuated for a dry and refreshing finish similar to that of a cider or champagne. This gruit was made to beat back that Tyrant Sun of hot Texas weather, which is practically year-round, so grab a 6-pack and head out into the world! 

Brick Top

Style: Porter
ABV: 6.8%

In the mood for something darker? Our dry robust porter has just the toasty dark flavor you seek. The full body and toasty bitterness make Brick Top a superb winter brew.