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PWR Presents: Necroslam

[This wrestling event and MegaParty is FREE to attend and all-ages. 21+ to drink. Material may not be suitable for kids.]

THE BONEREALM - a terrible underworld beneath the Earth. A land of interconnecting skeletal machinery -- the domain of the World-Skull -- a pit of eternal terror and legions of toiling dead. 

Check it out: we're going to that place! We're gonna party with skeletons, we're gonna party against skeletons, we're gonna party AS SKELETONS!!!


It's time to STORM THE GATES OF SENESCENCE. Ruthless slams echo across time and space from within a wrestling ring made of HUMAN IVORY! FLESH FIGHTS BACK - the glowing ossuary at the center of all things will KNOW THE FURY of screaming humans... BONES WILL FLOW LIKE WINE! WINE WILL FLOW LIKE BEER!! BEER WILL FLOW LIKE BONES!!! The canals of the endless necropolis will churn and slosh under pulsing witchlights! 


Join PWR as we wage our most horrific party yet. Randy "The Eagle" Eagleman holds the dreaded NECRO PARTYWEIGHT title and has used its occult powers to absorb TEEN WORM and DOCK MASTER into the VERY BONEREALM! We've gotta get em' out! Randy still has to defend his title, and if he's not coming out, WE'RE GOING IN! 

Stay tuned for a list of the EXACT WRESTLING WARFARE that'll go on in this cursed place. Expect action from Randy "The Eagle" Eagleman, Dan "the Man" Ziglar, The Dumpster Babes, Big Daddy Bolero, Puggin'Head, Skip Rathbone, Arbitro Obscuro, Luigi Primo, Alexandra Cage, Ralph Macchiato, Sweetie Tuff, The NARRC, The Intergalactic Express, and MORE!

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