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PWR Presents: Dinoslam

[This Jurassic Wrestling Party is FREE and ALL-AGES. 21+ to drink, content may not be suitable for children]

Two titans circle eachother on a rocky steppe. One has a 3-horned, crested head. The other is like a huge dog on its hind legs, but covered in thick hide and cartilaginous ridges. It bares massive, razor teeth. Blood spurts as these monsters collide. Gathered crowds of cave people howl and cheer in an ecstacy of pure terror. They swill mind-blasting gruit from fat, twisted gourds.

This was America's first wrestling match...the ultimate primal spectacle...the SLAMS BEFORE TIME! 

Fast-forward to 2017. Due to the blessings of an Ancient, Reincarnated Snake (BABY MOTHER WORM), 4TH TAP BREWING CO-OP has been terraformed into a prehistoric Paradise! Extinct creatures have returned - and wrestling is back to its barbaric protoform. Is this a world we want to live in? Dinosaurs running free, savage humans befriending savage beasts, a rugged battle of survival in visceral, sweltering barbarism? 


Drink from this gourd, and scream! See all around you the bones of behemoths...giant, rubbery fronds...leathery kites flying high above the horizon...boiling pools of soupy water...ridge-crested beasts slogging through swamps and bursting through walls... Everyone, EVERYONE wants to party with dinosaurs! But some would seek to exploit them.


The PARTY ATHLETES of PWR will battle in a craggy, preshistoric landscape. Human vs. Dinosaur -- Dinosaur vs. Dinosaur -- Human vs. Human -- who will triumph in DINOSLAM, and will the world ever be the same?! Have dinosaurs returned for good?! Find out...at this thing.