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  • 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative 10615 Metric Blvd. Austin, TX 78758 (map)

Are you ready for Spring's powerful rites? Prepared for the Ides of March? Braced for an onslaught of wretched skull-flowers and spikey vines? Then you are poised and primed to enter the castle...Castle WRESTLEVANIA!

The fecund blossom of WRESTLESLAM II: WRESTLEVANIA spreads open on March 12th—its stenchful spores intoxicating us all!

Devastating Party Battles, brain-crushing liquid drinks, and eternal party mayhem await you in an ACTUAL CASTLE!

The horns and strings of the SLAMPHONY OF THE NIGHT all scream in celebration of a thrilling Partyweight Championship defense:

DAN "THE MAN" ZIGGLER (current champion) VS. THEODOSIA!

Earlier Event: March 12
Best Wurst!